"What makes your tea special?"

I was at the Ybor Saturday Market this past weekend, and someone asked me "what makes you tea special?" 

The part that is special is the stories of the tea producers that I am able to share thanks to Tealet. Sharing this part of the history of the tea is important because it shows appreciation to the producers that work hard to cultivate wonderful teas. This origin of the tea gives it another dimension to enjoy when it reaches the cup.

My role in the story is to choose teas that are appealing in their purest form. Then to share the process and efforts of the producers to emphasize the importance of the quality that is created. I am constantly learning more and sharing as my journey continues.

Finally, the tea is special because it has been placed into your cup to enjoy. I hope to hear more of everyone's experiences with their tea, so the conclusion of the journey of the leaf can be shared.

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