Tea and Meditation

The comparison of tea and meditation played a big part in the creation of the name Tea Parity. The parallels between brewing, then enjoying a cup of tea and sitting, then letting my thoughts wander free is a key point in the idea behind Tea Parity.

The image of the tea leaves steeping in hot water can work as a visual focal point for meditation. The slow progression of the steeping process accurately represents thoughts releasing from the mind space. Having an image to focus on is helpful in steadying the mind for meditation.

Both tea and meditation involve a pause. For tea it is the pause to wait for the liquid to come to an appropriate drinking temperature. For meditation it is the pause to wait for the mind to calm from its daily activities and prepare to relax. These pauses are critical in both activities and rushing through can distort the goal of the entire process.

I think of the act of drinking tea is a meditation itself. Each sip changes as the temperature of the liquid changes and there are many notes in the flavor to be mindful of. This focus can also be sent outward to the environment around while drinking, whether it be quiet curled up with a book or in a bustling cafe. Noticing the scent of a book or the heat of the cup are things that may normally go without note, but now are highlighted.

Preparing and drinking tea is a good compliment to a meditation practice. Both activities are helpful in relaxing and decompressing from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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